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The German Cooperation for Sustainable Development (GIZ) is an implementing agency of the German Federal Government that assists the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. Since 1997, GIZ has provided technical assistance to the Mexican Government on behalf of the German Federal Government. Since 2016, the GIZ 2030 Agenda Initiative has accompanied the implementation process of the 2030 Agenda in Mexico.

The German Bundestag is the supreme constitutional organ of the Federal Republic of Germany and the only organ of the state that is directly elected by the people. It is the forum where differing opinions about the policies the country should be pursuing are formulated and discussed. The most important tasks performed by the Bundestag are the legislative process, the parliamentary scrutiny of the government and the election of the German Federal Chancellor. The Members of the German Bundestag also decide on the federal budget and deployments of the Federal Armed Forces outside Germany.

The Chamber of Deputies is the Lower House of Mexico's Legislative Branch. It is constituted of 500 deputies, all of whom are representatives of the Nation. The current LXV Legislature is formed with absolute gender parity: 250 women and 250 men. The Chamber of Deputies discusses and approves laws that regulate Mexican society. In addition, it is an institution that promotes parliamentary and legislative culture, participation in the analysis and evaluation of initiatives, decrees, and laws issued by Congress.

Sustainable recovery

The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated how the interaction of multilateral institutions is crucial when facing emerging challenges and when committing towards the design of sustainable adaptation strategies.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges, but at the same time has shown that multi stakeholder collaboration is critical to continue fostering innovation to design sustainable adaptive strategies. With the aim of mitigating the impact of the pandemic on public management, the International Innovation Forum, through a Learning Journey methodology, will focus on ideating solutions to four main challenges currently faced by parliaments, parliamentarians and staff. The IIFO will bring together international experts to co-create concrete solutions and establish action plans grounded on established good practices. The Learning Journey process will allow to consolidate an international network of public innovation experts and to expand the knowledge base on how to develop the institutional and technical capacities of parliaments during and beyond COVID-19.

The collaborative design process taking place at the IIFO will be focused on 4 thematic corridors:

Transforming parliaments for a post-COVID time

Labor innovation

Citizen participation and Transparency

Sustainable public infrastructure & management

How can I take part of this Forum?

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Connect with us to watch the public virtual launch event to be held on September 20th at 9:30 am Mexico City / 4:30 pm Berlin.

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