The Forum

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, including societies, public institutions and the services they provide. In response to the ongoing public health crisis, the Mexican Chamber of Deputies, the German Bundestag, and the German Cooperation for Sustainable Development (GIZ) in Mexico are co-hosting the “International Innovation Forum. Public Administrations in times of COVID-19: Sustainable Adaptation Strategies”. This Forum follows an agile methodology known as Learning Journey, bringing together representatives of parliaments, public institutions, organizations and academia, to share experiences and lessons learned during the context of the pandemic, in order to design sustainable adaptation strategies during and beyond COVID-19.

The collaborative design process taking place at the IIFO will be focused on 4 thematic corridors:

Transforming parliaments for a post-COVID time

Labor innovation

Citizen participation and Transparency

Sustainable public infrastructure & management


In each thematic corridor we will have 25 experts from different disciplines and organizations. Each thematic corridor will address one specific challenge. Corridors are comprised of different stages, as follows:

Thematic corridors

This project is implemented in
collaboration with makesense.

An international organization that designs programs of social and environmental impact, developing collaborations between committed citizens, passionate entrepreneurs and forward-looking organizations.

makesense supports organizations from the public and private sectors to build partnerships and collaborations through the use of innovation methodologies and open innovation processes. Visit our website for LATAM or contact us

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